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Welcome to the Toledo Islamic Academy blog! We are excited to share with you all the amazing things happening at our school. Toledo Islamic Academy is a K-12 school that offers a rigorous curriculum in a nurturing Islamic environment. Our students come from diverse backgrounds, and we welcome families of all faiths to join our community. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of our curriculum and programs, extracurricular activities, and community involvement and outreach. Whether you are a prospective family or simply interested in learning more about our school, we invite you to read on and discover why Toledo Islamic Academy is the right choice for your child’s education.

Overview of Toledo Islamic Academy

Islamic education has been an integral part of Muslim culture for centuries, and the Toledo Islamic Academy is one such institution that offers quality education that is rooted in Islamic principles and values. The school, which is located in Toledo, Ohio, was established in the year 1994 with the aim of providing excellent education to Muslim students.

The Toledo Islamic Academy is a private school that offers classes from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade. The school has a diverse student body that includes students from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds. The academy takes pride in its excellent academic standards and the exceptional care that it provides for its students.

Curriculum: At Toledo Islamic Academy, the curriculum is comprehensive and designed to provide students with a balanced education. The school follows a curriculum that is approved by the Ohio Department of Education. The subjects taught at the school include Mathematics, Science, English, Social Studies, and Arabic language. In addition to these subjects, the school also offers Islamic Studies classes that cover a wide range of topics related to Islam, including Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqh (jurisprudence), Islamic History and Islamic Ethics.
Programs Offered: The academy offers a range of programs that cater to the different needs of its students. The school provides an after-school program that includes Quranic recitation, Arabic language classes, and homework assistance. The school also provides summer school programs that aim to enhance the academic skills of students and prepare them for the upcoming academic year.

The Toledo Islamic Academy aims to foster a sense of community among its students and families. The school encourages parents to be actively involved in their child’s education and offers regular parent-teacher meetings. The school also organizes various events throughout the year that bring the school community together, such as Eid celebrations, fund-raising events, and sports day.

In conclusion, the Toledo Islamic Academy is an excellent institution that offers quality education and provides a welcoming environment for Muslim students. The academy believes in instilling Islamic values in its students and aims to prepare them for success in both this world and the hereafter.

Curriculum and Programs Offered

As a parent, guardian, or student considering enrolling in Toledo Islamic Academy (TIA), one of the questions you may be asking yourself is what curriculum and programs the academy offers. Well, rest assured that TIA offers a comprehensive curriculum that combines Islamic knowledge with academic excellence.

TIA’s curriculum is divided into three areas: Islamic Studies, Language Arts, and Mathematics & Science. The Islamic Studies program focuses on Quran, Hadith, Islamic History, and Fiqh. Students learn how to apply Islamic principles to their everyday life while also gaining a solid foundation in the Arabic language.

Language Arts Mathematics & Science
  • English Language Arts
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Grammar and Writing
  • Spelling and Vocabulary
  • Public Speaking
  • Mathematics (Pre-Algebra through Calculus AB)
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology

The Language Arts program focuses on developing spelling, grammar, writing, and reading comprehension skills. Public speaking is also emphasized to give students the ability to effectively present their ideas and express themselves verbally. The Mathematics & Science program covers a range of topics including Mathematics from Pre-Algebra to Calculus AB, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

At TIA, there are also several programs offered outside of the classroom, such as the Quran Club and Muslim Student Association. These programs provide students with opportunities to engage with their peers and connect with their faith outside of the classroom.

In conclusion, Toledo Islamic Academy offers a curriculum that is both challenging and fulfilling. Through the Islamic Studies, Language Arts, and Mathematics & Science programs, students receive a well-rounded education that equips them with the necessary skills to succeed both academically and spiritually.

Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of a student’s growth and development. At Toledo Islamic Academy, we believe that these activities help in broadening the perspectives of our students and provide them with opportunities to explore their interests. Our academy offers a range of extracurricular activities for students of all ages.

From sports teams to drama clubs, we have numerous options available for students. We understand that every student has unique interests and talents, which is why we provide a variety of extracurricular activities to choose from. Our sports teams participate in various local and regional competitions, providing students with an opportunity to showcase their skills and build their confidence.

Extracurricular Activities Offered:
Art Club Chess Club
Debate Team Drama Club
Science Club Sports Teams (Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer)

In addition to the above, we also offer opportunities for our students to engage in community service activities. We believe that these activities help in instilling a sense of responsibility and empathy in our students by allowing them to give back to the community.

Participating in extracurricular activities helps in developing well-rounded individuals who can excel not just academically, but in various aspects of life. At Toledo Islamic Academy, we are committed to providing our students with opportunities to explore and develop their interests, and to equip them with the skills and qualities needed to achieve their goals and succeed in life.

Community Involvement and Outreach

Community involvement and outreach are significant aspects of a well-rounded educational experience. Toledo Islamic Academy acknowledges the importance of engaging with the community and extending its resources beyond the school.

One way that Toledo Islamic Academy reaches out to the community is by hosting charity events. These events are not only beneficial for the charity in question, but they are also an excellent opportunity for students and faculty to work together for a higher cause. In recent years, charity events have included a Fun Run/Walk to raise awareness and funds for environmental causes, a clothing drive for the local homeless shelter, and a food drive for the local food bank.

Toledo Islamic Academy also partners with local organizations to facilitate projects that benefit both the school and the community. For example, the academy has partnered with a local hospital to offer internships for students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. This partnership has provided students with valuable experience and has helped the hospital fill much-needed positions.

Tip: If you want to get involved in your community, start by researching local charities and events in your area. Participating in a charity event is a great way to meet new people, learn new things, and give back to your community.

Finally, Toledo Islamic Academy encourages students to engage in community service outside of school. Students are encouraged to volunteer at local hospitals, schools, and community centers to help make a difference in their community. By encouraging community involvement and outreach, Toledo Islamic Academy is helping to build a better, more connected community.